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Behind the Brand—Why You Should Purchase a Mitsubishi

With so many automakers out there, it can seem impossible to narrow it down to just one vehicle make. At Morgantown Mitsubishi, we know that Mitsubishi has been building great cars since 1917, but what is it about the Mitsubishi brand that makes it so great? Keep reading to find out:


Mitsubishi Has a Rich History

It’s been 100 years in the automobile industry for Mitsubishi, and each year brings something new and innovative. Mitsubishi was the first in the world to put electric powertrain technology to use and created the world’s first plug-in hybrid SUVs. Mitsubishi has come a long way since the Mitsubishi Model A in 1917, but the dedication to craftsmanship, technology, and aesthetically-pleasing design has remained constant.

Mitsubishi Leads the Way in Technology

When shopping for a car, you want something that has the best of the best when it comes to convenient features and keeping you safe. Mitsubishi is always at the forefront of this category. With technologies like Super All-Wheel Control, Active Stability and Traction Control, MiEV, and much more, you’ll wonder how you went so long without a Mitsubishi vehicle. All these technologies work together to give you perfect balance and an exceptional driving experience.

Mitsubishi Is Always Thinking About the Future

Mitsubishi isn’t just making great cars right now—they’re way ahead of the game when it comes to thinking about the future. Whether it’s creating vehicles that are more eco-friendly, improving on current technologies, or developing something completely unique, Mitsubishi engineers are always moving forwards. Check out the selection of Mitsubishi concept vehicles that will blow your mind.

Explore the Lineup at Morgantown Mitsubishi

The team at Morgantown truly believes in the Mitsubishi brand, or else we wouldn’t sell them! Stop by Morgantown Mitsubishi today to test drive one of our new or pre-owned Mitsubishis, or to ask any questions. We know you’ll find your dream car when you decide to purchase a Mitsubishi. Call 304-244-4505 now for an appointment.