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Leasing vs Buying

Buying vs. Leasing Your Next Mitsubishi

Are you considering buying a new Mitsubishi? Here at Morgantown Mitsubishi, you’ll have the option of buying or leasing your next vehicle. Which option is right for you depends entirely on your needs. Here are a few things to consider:

Do you want to customize/own your vehicle?

This is a big reason many people choose to buy a vehicle. If you like to customize your car or tend to put a lot of wear and tear on it, leasing is probably not for you since lease terms require the car to be returned in a certain condition (usually like new). Also, if you want to one day have no payments on your vehicle, buying is the way that you’ll get there, as you will own the vehicle at the end of your loan term and be able to drive it payment free as long as you wish.

Do you do a lot of driving?

People who don’t drive often or far may find that leasing a vehicle fits their needs perfectly, while those who have long commutes or love road trips should consider buying instead. Most lease terms have mileage limits that you will be charged for if you go over. Consider your mileage needs very carefully before deciding how to finance your Mitsubishi.

What is your budget?

Leasing is a fantastic option for those who like to drive new cars but don’t have a lot of money in their budget for monthly payments or a large down payment. Since you are simply paying to drive the vehicle, your payments will often be lower than if you’d decided to purchase the vehicle. Talk to our finance specialists about your budget and how leasing might help fit your needs. sh.

Visit our credit center to shop by payment, get pre-qualified for a loan, get a trade-in valuation, or calculate your payments. We’re also here if you’d like to talk about your options during business hours. Just stop by! Call 304-244-4505 with any immediate questions. We’re ready to help get you behind the wheel of a new Mitsubishi.