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2018 MItsubishi Mirage

Fuel Saving Tips

With gas prices fluctuating, it is hard to budget accordingly. Our wallets can get impacted negatively during the summer months due to the increase in road trips and the toll that high temperatures take on our cars. Morgantown Mitsubishi understands the importance of saving, which is why we want to share our tips to help you save on fuel!

  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight: This also means removing roof racks if they are not being used. The less weight, the better the fuel efficiency.
  • Reduce short trips: Did you know that when the engine is warm, less fuel is used than when it is cool? When the engine is cool it uses a lot more fuel to warm up. It’s a smart idea to combine trips!
  • Drive the speed limit: Keep a steady tension on the gas pedal and don’t accelerate if you don’t need to. Your gas mileage will improve if you drive the speed limit. Driving at the required speed will also help avoid excessive braking.
  • Inflate tires properly: The drop in air pressure not only is hard on your tires; it will decrease gas mileage by .02 percent.
  • Use cruise control on the interstate: You’ll have more fuel efficiency when cruise control is set on the interstat. The consistent speed helps reduce the possibility of acceleration whether you’re meaning to or not.
  • Limit the use of your air conditioning: Although, driving with the windows opened can reduce fuel efficiency it doesn’t compare to having the A/C on. If possible try to use the A/C while driving at a faster speed such as on the interstate.
2018 MItsubishi Mirage Tire

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you’re interested in learning more about fuel efficiency, don’t hesitate to call us at 304-244-4505. You can also stop by our service center, and our technicians will gladly answer any of your questions!