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2018 Mitsubishi Mirage

Fuel Saving Tips

  • Improve Your Vehicle’s Aerodynamics: It is the same with a swimmer, cyclist or runner. Reducing wind resistance is key. Simply put, wind resistance makes the engine have to work harder to keep the car in motion, which in turn increases fuel consumption. Try to keep the windows closed at high speeds and, if not in use, remove the roof racks and boxes. Removing a cargo box on the rooftop can save up to 20% on fuel over a year!
  • Just Slow Down: According to the Automobile Association; “Travel at moderate speeds on the open road. Higher speeds require more fuel to overcome air resistance.” You could save up to 25% on fuel by dropping from 80 mph to 70 mph. If you’re on smaller roads, slowing down from 70mph to 60mph could save another 10%.
  • Routine Maintenance: Know your vehicle’s manufacturer maintenance recommendations (Read the Manual) and stick to them. Get your car regularly serviced to maintain engine efficiency and ensure that quality fluids and parts are used.
  • Good Driving Practices: Monitor the road ahead to anticipate the actions of other drivers as well as potential hazards. The less use of braking and acceleration directly equates to using less fuel. For example, drive smoothly in heavy traffic and avoid fast driving to catch the car in front, causing you to then brake suddenly.
  • Lower Your RPM: Before changing a gear, some motorists let the revs (revolutions per minute or RPM) run high. Typically 3,000 per minute (petrol car) and 2,500 (diesel). Dropping those revs by about 500 is more efficient. Move up a gear at 2,500 (petrol) and 2,000 (diesel). Once the car has the momentum, use high gears, such as fifth and sixth gears, sooner than later.
  • Care for Your Tires: For safe and economical driving, well-maintained tyres, are crucial. Regularly check the pressure of the tyre, especially before longer journeys like a road trip. It is said that properly inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to 2%.
  • Reduce Weight: A lighter vehicle will use less fuel, so don't drive around with unnecessary junk in your trunk. Consider driving with your fuel tank half full or less unless you're on a long journey.
  • Air-con or Open Windows? Using the air-conditioning unit increases fuel consumption. If you live in a claimate where hot days are unavoidable, it is up to you to find a balance between your comfort and safety and conserving fuel.
  • Choose a Manual Transmission (Stick Shift): Apart from the appeal of a stick shift for better control and a better driving experience for high-performance car owners, the research says that automatic transmission vehicles use 10% to 15% more fuel than manuals. Advanced technology and engineering is closing the gap, as modern, efficient semi-automatics become more popular. There’s also little difference between automatics and manuals on motorways.
  • The Hybrid and Electric Options: Every major brand now has a hybrid and/or an electric version of their most popular models. If not, they have added a new model to compete with the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation.
2018 Mitsubishi Mirage Tire

Morgantown Mitsubishi hopes you find these tips helpful. If you’re interested in learning more about fuel efficiency, our knowledgeable staff is here to give you any information you need to get the best life experience out of your new or used vehicle. Call 304-296-4402 or schedule an appointment with us online. We can’t wait to meet you!