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Securing Financing for a Vehicle When Your Credit is Less than Perfect

Securing financing for a vehicle may be easier for some when it comes to credit scores. If your credit score is perfect, that’s great. Unfortunately, many don’t have perfect credit, but that sure doesn’t mean you can’t secure an auto loan. At Morgantown Mitsubishi, financing is available for all credit scores.

Quick Pre-Qualify

Typically, having a low credit score means your loan will come with a higher interest rate. As discouraging as it may be, low credit scores can still get you qualified.

Start your process at our credit center where you will receive the initial attention you need. You can fill out your information online or come to our dealership in Morgantown.


Pre-qualify online : In less than 10 minutes, you can get started with your financial application. Fill out the information needed and one of our financial specialists will contact you with further details. This option will allow for a longer meeting time if you decide to move forward with the credit application.

Trade-in : Not only is trading your vehicle with us fast and easy but it can also add significant value toward the price of the vehicle you are considering. Find out the worth of your car with the online Edmunds calculator. Once you know the worth, we will help you combine your options to find what best fits your needs.

Things to Consider

  • Cosigner: If your options allow it, cosigners are good for securing an auto loan if you have bad credit or no credit. Having a cosigner will also decrease the chances of a high interest rate.
  • Shorter loan periods: Typically, the longer the loan is, the higher the interest rate will be since the initial prediction implies the payback will take longer.

Not only are we committed to finding the best options for you, but we take pride in the quality service and support you will receive. The financial specialists at Morgantown Mitsubishi have options for you to drive off with a new vehicle at a good rate. Don’t let your credit score take control and visit us today, call 304-296-4401 or stop by our dealership in Morgantown, West Virginia.