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Why You Should Trade In Your Existing Vehicle Why You Should Trade In Your Existing Vehicle

Why You Should Trade In Your Existing Vehicle

If you’re ready to move on to a new car, truck, or SUV but aren’t sure what you should do with your existing car, read on. There are two common options available: You can either sell your car privately or trade it in and apply the value to a new vehicle of interest.

At Morgantown Mitsubishi, we stand by trading in your existing vehicle for many reasons.

Easy Process

If you decide to trade in your existing vehicle, we handle everything! There’s no need for you to schedule a time to meet with potential buyers or to make time to transfer a car title to the new owner.

Less Time and Commitment

We have a full team of committed individuals at Morgantown Mitsubishi who take care of everything for you from the moment you walk in.

Reduction in Sales Tax

Trading in your car ends up being super profitable for you. In most states, you will get sales tax credit from the value of your car. You’ll pay the difference in taxes from the calculations made based on your cars value, the state’s sales tax, and what you are buying.

Owing on Your Vehicle

If you owe on your current vehicle and are offered a sign-over bonus it may be a good time to consider trading in.

We recommend stopping by our car dealership in Morgantown, West Virginia to talk to one of our financial experts. They will be able to tell you the best option for your current situation. Don’t hesitate to call us at 304-244-4505 if you have any questions.